West Palm Beach, FL - The design for our Fandangos! Tribute Series single coil set was arrived at after a healthy session of smoky blues,  and whiskey consumption. They’re as fat as a church cat, articulate and incredibly responsive to attack and touch. Warm note detai...

We're always asking folks for feedback as to what we can do to enhance the overall Lust for Tone experience. Some of you mentioned that we really needed to pull our finger out and get product demo videos up on the site so patrons would have the opportunity to check out...

Woo-wee, what a crazy few months of runnin’ ‘n’ gunnin’ at LFT! Between winding orders, finishing up testing on a new single coil pickup design and hosting a summer long sweepstakes, it’s been nothing short of organized chaos, but we wouldn’t have it any other way!


Earlier in the year Pat from The Doug and Pat Show reached out to us via Facebook and asked if we'd be interested in shipping them a set of pickups to demo in one of their pickup shootout review shows. We obliged, so here's their review.

Here at Lust for Tone we consider ourselves extremely fortunate to have had our lives enriched by music. So when the opportunity presents itself we do what we can for the ones that have sacrificed so much to create it. We're not getting up on a soapbox and asking for d...

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Lance Keltner demo of our Luxe Edition Lustcaster and Envy model guitars

September 18, 2017

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