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Lance Keltner demo of our Luxe Edition Lustcaster and Envy model guitars

September 18, 2017

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Lust for Tone Intros their Fandangos! Single Coil Pickups



West Palm Beach, FL - The design for our Fandangos! Tribute Series single coil set was arrived at after a healthy session of smoky blues,  and whiskey consumption. They’re as fat as a church cat, articulate and incredibly responsive to attack and touch. Warm note detail and string separation with harp like clarity. These mothers really sparkle when paired with dirty overdriven tube-sizzling amplification. Switch to the mid positions Reverse Wind Reverse Polarity (RWRP) for syrup thick humbucking like tone and a ridiculous top end perfectly suited for cutting through any live mix. Texas tone at its finest!



  • Calibrated Alnico III sandcast magnets

  • Vintage enameled select  #42 magnetic wire

  • Copper baseplate (Bridge)

  • Vintage style waxed push-back cloth leads

  • RWRP in mid position

  • Wax Potted a standard

  • Estimated DC resistance output: 5.25k neck, and 6.7 bridge

  • Cover options: Nickel Plated, Chrome Plated, or No Cover


  • 60 day money back guarantee for all non-custom orders

  • Limited lifetime warranty for original purchaser


  • The complete kit retails for $275.00, and can be ordered from our shop

  • Order processing and shipment is currently 4 weeks or less

  • Shipping is free within the contiguous United States










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