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Pops Classic Vinyl Review: Pampered Menial by Pavlov's Dog

So Pops seems to have enjoyed seeing his first classic vinyl review being published on the worldwide web, because he's been punting these over to us at a decent clip ever since. So before he gets all bent out of shape, I figured I'd best get this posted so he can bask in the light of his newfound fame.

Here you go folks, Pops second installment...


David Surkamp - lead vocals/guitar, David Hamilton - keyboards, Doug Rayburn - mellotron/flute (died 2012), Mike Saffron - percussion, Rick Stockton - bass, Siegfried Carver - violin/vitar/viola(died 2009), Steve Scorfina - lead guitar

Another disaster of a band that produced two great albums before disintegrating via mega corporate ignorance and incompetence. How many bands have had their debut album released simultaneously on TWO record labels? Even the Captain was not that bad!

There is also this love/hate argument about the vocals of David Surkamp the lead singer. I can understand this as I cannot listen to Neil Young’s whiny voice without wanting to kill something, but this voice is virtually unique. I read somewhere that there are only two known in the world and Surkamp is one of them. This is way beyond Frankie Valli, beyond Geddy Lee, even if he was on helium. His voice is what makes Pavlov’s Dog unique.

From the stunning opening ballad Julia it cranks up the intensity with Song Dance and Fast Gun before delving into the intricacies of side two. Steve Scorfina’s guitar and Siegfried Carver’s violin interweave to excellent effect and are ably underpinned by the shimmering mellotron of Doug Rayburn and the drive of Stockton and Saffron. However it is Surkamp’s voice that propels this out of the plethora of Seventies progressive rock into the realms of cult status.

Available on LP CBS 80872 and CD Columbia 469085 2. You can also get both Pampered Menial and At the Sound of the Bell on a double CD COL 465217 2.

Surkamp still survives and keeps the Dog alive. Here's a video of him performing Julia live in Munich back in 2009...enjoy!

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