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'57 Lustbucker Spirit Series
Our ’57 Lustbucker Spirit Series vintage guitar pickups produce a healthy spectrum of sweet lows, full-bodied note bloom with a slightly sculpted mid-range. They yield an abundance of pleasing hollow woody tones, crisp high-end and a very generous roundness to finish.

Exceptionally expressive touch sensitivity. Natural compression complements the overall sweetness of the ’57 Lustbucker Spirit Series. Delightful harmonic overtones punctuate the sophisticated sound of this versatile matched set. No unwanted, or harsh frequencies to be heard!

'57 Lustbucker Spirit Series

    • Calibrated Alnico II rough sandcast magnets
    • Vintage enameled #42 gauge magnetic wire
    • Hardwood maple spacer blocks
    • Butyrate Bobbins
    • Solid German nickel silver base plate
    • Est. DCR: 7.6k neck, & 8.4k bridge
    • Standard or custom cover selection
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