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'64 Lustcaster Spirit Series
As bold as love, and powerful as a Texas flood. This matched set produces a rich clear mid-range, mimicking a brown sugar like sweetness. Upper midrange harmonics, with vowels, and pleasing resonance of presence. The bridge coil emits a throatiness that will intimidate the Devil himself. Tight, punchy low end frequencies. Envious bottom end snap. And delicious crunch. Rounded, open wing angelic highs to entice the heavens. And natural sustain that will nourish the hungriest of souls. 

The perfectly balanced scatter wound coils of the ‘64 Lustcasters accentuate dynamics for surgical like response. RWRP in position 2, and 4 for added beef. This recipe is flawless for blues, classic, psychedelic, garage, progressive and country rock. Experimental jazz isn’t out of question either.

We highly recommend pairing them with tube amplification of British or American ancestry. Overdrives, yes please! Big Muff Pi, why not! After all who doesn’t enjoy getting their ears wet every once in awhile?

'64 Lustcaster Spirit Series

    • A2 roughcast polished magnets 
    • 43 AWG FORMVAR copper wire
    • RWRP Middle Coil
    • Push-Back Cloth wire hook-ups
    • Wax Blend Potting
    • Est. DCR 7.7k, 7.8k, 8.8k
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