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Prewired Control Harness for '57 & '64 Lustcasters

Prewired single coil Lustcaster control harness featuring:

- Brass Shaft 250k Pots matched to 10% tolerances

- Switchcraft input jack

- CRL 5 way switch

- ‘57 style aluminum shield plate

- Vintage cloth push back wire

- Jensen .047uF Gold Foil Paper in Oil Tone Cap

- Complimentary custom balanced Stringjoy 48-10 Nickel Strings

- Wiring diagram included in kit

Prewired Control Harness for '57 & '64 Lustcasters

  • Thirty (30) day money back guarantee from date of delivery signature. If the product is deemed defective it can be returned in its original packaging for a refund. Return shipping fees are the responsibility of the original purchaser.

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