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Custard-Pies Tribute Series

Here at Lust for Tone® we desired all the JP tone shades within a single set of handcrafted pickups versus pre and post 1972 sets. This is all done using volume and tone control adjustments in the neck, middle and bridge switch positions. Couple that with push/pull potentiometers to quickly switch to those single coil and out of phase tones.

This project took well over two years to perfect. We tested this puppies against a robust selection vintage amplification and speaker cabs to ensure optimal performance. The tone variables we were looking to squeeze into the Custard-Pies were challenging to say the least. And the overall effort was only fully realized when the Custard-Pies came to life after we'd run a $hit ton of A/B tests.


Rich sweet bass frequencies, slightly pronounced mids, and the correct “Glass” on the bridge. Harmonics are clear and precise offer a conundrum of luscious tone involving overdrive, glass, sizzle and sustain. Beefy raunchy rock as only JP could dish it out...that's what Custard-Pies deliver!

Custard-Pies Tribute Series

    • Calibrated Alnico IV (Neck), V (Bridge) rough sandcast magnets
    • Vintage enameled #42 gauge magnetic wire
    • Hardwood maple spacer blocks
    • Butyrate Bobbins
    • Solid German nickel silver base plate
    • Est. DCR: 7.6k neck, & 9.1k bridge
    • Coil-tapped as standard
    • Standard or custom cover options
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