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Fire and Waters Tribute Series
In tribute to another of our favorite blues rock guitarists. Renowned for his aggressive attack, frighteningly expressive vibrato, the slow/quick technique was Paul's trademark. Incredible fluidity and dynamics across the fretboard, paired with a '59 and Marshall Super-bass his mammoth power-­chord riffs and police siren sustaining leads can still be felt...a true legend in our book!.

Big bold majestic tone, yet buttery smooth. The neck is warm, fat and punchy with the right mid-range focus and cut. Top end presence and detail like no other. The bridge has girth and growl, plenty of drive and energy with singing sustaining. Rich in harmonics that jump off the strings with ease. The Fire and Waters Tribute Series are so alive, they'll leave you Jonesing for more...

Fire and Waters Tribute Series

    • Calibrated Alnicu III rough sandcast magnets
    • Vintage enameled #42 gauge magnetic wire
    • Hardwood maple spacer blocks
    • Butyrate Bobbins
    • Solid German nickel silver base plates
    • Est. DCR: 8.1k neck, & 9.0k bridge
    • Standard or custom cover selection
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