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Lucilles Tribute Series - Standard Box Set

Our Lucilles humbucking pickups are a tribute to the last of the 3 Kings of the Blues to ascend to the heavens. These pickups are specifically designed for hollow or semi hollow body guitars. Low-wound for optimum touch sensitivity and responsiveness for you to speak meaningful blues with your guitar.


Desirable double tones, note bloom, with a truthful richness in the low-end frequencies. String bends and phrasing are elegantly vocal. String-to-string note detail offers the depth and gravitas of a majestic harp. The top end is crisp, with an ever so slight glow of warmth and song bird sustain. Asides from the Blues, they’re an excellent option for Jazz, Country and Rockabilly.


The legacy of Lucille’s namesake was inspired by a lust fueled altercation that broke out during a King of the Blues performance. Two men vying for the favored attention of a young lady that worked the dance hall knocked over a barrel of kerosene. The hall subsequently burst into flames, and the building was quickly evacuated.


When King realized he’d left his beloved black Gibson™ semi-hollow body guitar inside, he re-entered the burning building to rescue it. After learning the fire started over the attentions of a woman called Lucille. King named the guitar and every guitar thereafter Lucille, as reminder never to run into a burning building or fight over women again.


From his infectious hypnotic grooves, and elaborate style of soloing fashioned on fluid string bending. To his constantly sharp and steely trademark single note guitar lines, coupled with shimmering vibrato that would go on to inspire virtually every electric blues guitarist that took the stage in his wake.


From his first public appearance on the Sonny Boy Williamson radio show. To dance halls, stages and festivals many times over around the world. This 15-time Grammy award winning recording Hall of Fame artist graced us with his guitar playing for eight decades. One only has to listen to his transcending tone teasing the intro of “Every day I have the Blues” from the infamous Live at the Regal to appreciate the creative genius that cemented his status as The King of the Blues.

Lucilles Tribute Series - Standard Box Set

    • Calibrated Alnico II rough sandcast magnets
    • Vintage enameled #42 gauge magnetic wire
    • Hardwood maple spacer blocks
    • Butyrate Bobbins
    • Solid German nickel silver base plate
    • Est. DCR: 7.1k neck, & 7.4k bridge
    • Cover selection: Raw, Brushed, Plated, or Gold Plated Nickel
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