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Outlaws Tribute Series
A tribute to Outlaws and Highwaymen past and present. Night after night they roll into town on their steel horses and gobsmack 10,000 innocents with a dose of raw, raucous country rock ‘n’ roll. 

Offering augmented arpeggios, breakneck bluegrass runs, octaves, finger-breaking G-bender licks, banjo rolls, sweet blues and rock riffs…these Outlaws will surely please twanger and country rock folk alike.

The neck is clear, responsive, exceptionally articulate and dynamic with plenty of finesse and richness. These single coils have a nice bit of bite and attitude when pushed, minus any harsh overtones. Bass response is always tight, and in no way murky. The bridge has the spank and snap of a cow girl’s whip. The notes have depth, sustain and wonderful vintage harmonic overtones. The midrange and upper treble are perfectly voiced . The Outlaws Tribute Series have been perfected for hybrid and greasy fast chickin’ pickin’.

Outlaws Tribute Series

    • Calibrated Alnico V polished magnets
    • Vintage enameled #42 gauge magnetic wire
    • Copper plated steel baseplate (Bridge)
    • Vintage style waxed push-back cloth leads
    • RWRP in mid position
    • Coils potted as standard
    • Est. DCR: 5.6k neck, & 6.8k bridge
    • Standard or custom cover selection
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