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Rocket Queens Tribute Series
Late 80’s ­L.A. big hair, boobs, sex, drugs and high gain rock! A tribute to our favorite low slung axe bearing, snake loving, hat wearing Rock God. If you've an appetite for down N dirty, howl like a bitch tone then the Rocket Queens Tribute Series are definitely the recipe for your Axe.

A raw thinner tone, firmer low-­end, bursting with energy for monster riffs and blazing sustain-­dripping lead work. Wonderful clarity and crisp treble to really cut through the mix. Roll off the neck treble and you've tone to make ‘em moan. Highly responsive to the guitar's controls in concert with your fluid playing style. Sustain notes for solos and intros for days!­

Rocket Queens Tribute Series

    • Calibrated Alnico V rough sandcast magnets
    • Vintage enameled #42 gauge magnetic wire
    • Hardwood maple spacer blocks
    • Butyrate Bobbins
    • Solid German nickel silver base plates
    • Est. DCR: 7.4k neck, & 7.8k bridge
    • Coils come lightly potted as standard
    • Standard or custom cover selection
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