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SkyDawgs Tribute Series
Inspired by one the finest southern blues guitarist’s of our time. A gifted American that understood his roots. Revered the power of the art, but wasn't afraid to transform it. His love of the blues, and willingness to move outside tradition in pursuit of a sound that was uniquely his. Raw emotional spine chilling, lay your bare soul down sweet blues. Always spontaneous and improvisational.

Enormously thick yet defined with incredible sustain and controlled feedback. Very percussive in a vintage way. Top end has excellent clarity and dynamics. Wonderful vocabulary through the pickup positions. Asymmetrical coil pattern as with the early Patent Applied For humbuckers. Rippin’ the slide with this set is unsurpassed. Perfectly matched for vintage British amplification and tweed bearing combos of American descent.

SkyDawgs Tribute Series

    • Calibrated Alnico V rough sandcast magnets
    • Vintage enameled #42 gauge magnetic wire
    • Hardwood maple spacer blocks
    • Butyrate Bobbins
    • Solid German nickel silver base plate
    • Est. DCR: 7.4k neck, & 8.4k bridge
    • Standard or custom cover selection
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