Every Lust for Tone pickup begins life with a marriage of the finest materials meticulously assembled by a passionate and caring craftsman. Each spool of enameled magnetic wire is delicately hand-guided onto the bobbin with finessed tension. Vintage rough sand-cast magnets are individually charged based on meticulously matched tolerances. Solid German nickel silver base plates provide an impeccable foundation for final assembly, which is then crowned with an acute radius custom nickel cover. The final result of which delivers a sonic performance; note detail, articulation, clarity, and sustain that is second to none. 


Offering white-glove service and repair for all your guitars, amps, pedalboards and anything additional you may plug into your signal chain. From basic set-up to full restorations and everything else in between. For added convenience, we provide scheduled pickup and delivery for whatever it is you want us to bring back to life. 


I like fat tone and I just can't lie. If you're addicted to tone like this crew you're gonna wanna get one of their handmade guitars!



Every lust for tone journey begins with a personal revelation. Each instrument produced is the purest expression of design and precision handmade craftsmanship, no two are ever the same. Every instrument is perfectly appointed to delight the vision of its patron, a manifestation of our philosophy that unique is rarely experienced. Lust for Tone instruments are made in your image, not for your image.