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Lust for Tone Delighted to add Tony Pasko to the Artist Roster

Tony Pasko Lust for Tone Guitar Pickup Artist

Woo-wee, what a crazy few months of runnin’ ‘n’ gunnin’ at LFT! Between winding orders, finishing up testing on a new single coil pickup design and hosting a summer long sweepstakes, it’s been nothing short of organized chaos, but we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Outside the usual day-to-day one of the other major perks of this gig is getting to interact with loads of interesting people. Whether it be from helping customers, coordinating marketing activities with our friends at Premier Guitar, or working directly with guitar technicians and professional musicians alike. Regardless, you never truly know where any of these conversations may lead.

With that said, we’re absolutely delighted to announce that one of those many conversation has blossomed into an new endorsement agreement with another tone chaser, none other than Tony Pasko. Aside from being an extremely versatile and skilled guitarist, he happens to be one of the nicest guys you could ever hope to meet. A true southern gent through and through, and we’re very excited at what the future holds in regards to this thrilling new collaboration.

For those of you that don’t know Tony, he’s one the writers behind the music that 11.8 million viewers listen to every time they catch up with the Robertson family of A&E’s No.1 rated and wildly popular show Duck Dynasty. As an in demand artist Tony’s compositions are featured in a host of other mainstream TV programs such as A&E’s Wahlburgers, Animal Planets Pitbulls & Parolees, MSNBCs Lockup, Discovery Channels Shark Week; Porter Ridge and Boss Hog, Spike Cable Networks Auction Hunters and Savage Family Diggers, Reelz Hollywood Hillbillies, and The Weather Channel’s Reef Wranglers.

Tony’s diverse playing background has afforded him numerous opportunities to collaborate on stage and in the studio with legendary artists such as; Jack Bruce (Cream), Vince Neil (Mötley Crüe), David Ellefson (Megadeth), Gary Hoey, John Hiland, P-Funk All-Stars, and Bobby Rush.

From a tools of the trade perspective Tony has always gravitated towards Gibson®. Fortunately, one of his many endorsements happens to be Gibson® Guitars, so it’s not a surprise that his number one is a ‘59 Tobacco Burst Les Paul. Being a tone chaser like ourselves made the touch sensitivity, natural compression and incredible harmonic overtones of our ‘57 Lustbucker pickups a natural candidate to complement this classic Les Paul. For a majority of his stage and slide work Tony’s go to is a black Gibson® SG. He loves this auld lady, but was concerned her tone had become a little dark.To lift her we went with a custom wound set of our SkyDawgs, which are enormously thick, yet offer incredible sustain and controlled feedback for rippin’ slide work!

“When having good tone pays the bills, you get picky about the gear you use so ever since I met the Lust for Tone guys and played their pickups, I feel for the first time that I have met my partners in crime for Tonal-Nirvana!!!”

- Tony Pasko - Guitarist

Circling back on our early point; what started as simple tweet developed into something much more, which only goes to prove the importance of making the effort to reach out and connect with people. We’re pretty humbled Tony’s chosen to become a partner in crime, and we predict plenty of interesting antics ahead!

In between his TV work Tony’s been busy finishing up on a new EP titled SwampHouse; a collaboration with Fred LeBlanc the lead singer and drummer from Cowboy Mouth. Tony started this album project prior to linking up with us, so only a couple of songs will feature Lust for Tone pickups. Once the albums released they’ll be out touring, so you’ll have an opportunity to hear our products being through their paces, live and in the flesh now that Tony's guitars are all kitted out.

We don’t have a specific release date for SwampHouse, but it’s expected some time in early 2015. In the meantime if you want to hear Tony’s mad skills you should check out his first two albums, Noise or Band of Elves.

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