Lance Keltner demo of our Luxe Edition Lustcaster and Envy model guitars

This past July at Summer NAMM 2017 we had the good fortune to host Lance Keltner at the Lust for Tone booth. We took the opportunity to let him to kick the tires on all the guitars we were introducing for the first time at the show. Being a gear nut like ourselves he immediately got what we trying to do with our new line of T and S Style handmade guitars and was keen get involved.

So back in August we sent Lance a couple of our Luxe Edition Lustcaster and Envy model guitars for him to get more formally acquainted. The result of which is this quality little demo video which gives you a brief glimpse into the quality of the instruments we're capable of producing. If you like what you see and want to know more use the message form at the bottom of the screen to drop us an inquiry or feel free to give us a call.

Enjoy, cheers and thanks!


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