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Kenny Rardin Demo of Lust for Tone Atomics Tribute Series Pickups

We're always asking folks for feedback as to what we can do to enhance the overall Lust for Tone experience. Some of you mentioned that we really needed to pull our finger out and get product demo videos up on the site so patrons would have the opportunity to check out our products with both their eyes, and ears. So with none of the Lust for Tone knuckle draggers possessing a SAG card we figured we'd better get some help and bring in the professionals.

We'd like to extend a special big thank you to our good friend Kenny "The Guitar Whisperer" Rardin for taking time out of his busy schedule to help us with this product demo. He did a great job as guest presenter showcasing some of the many qualities of our Atomics Tribute Series pickups.

Thankfully for us we managed to get the friends and family discount from Kenny's high powered agent.

Thanks Kenny, check's in the mail!☺

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