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Tech of Tomorrow Demos Lust for Tone Atomics Tribute Series Guitar Pickups

So a little while back Elric Phares of Tech of Tomorrow reached out to us and asked if we'd be up for a product review of our guitar pickups. We didn't know him, so we went and checked out his YouTube channel and were impressed. His unbiased approach, the level of product information shared and his energy and enthusiasm talking about new gear was great.

Aside from showcasing the latest and greatest whiz bang technology on his popular YouTube Channel, Elric's also an avid guitar player and produces all the music you hear on his show. Have to say we're pretty humbled Elric took the time to put this great little video review of our Atomics Tribute Series pickups together. Many thanks to Elric, Buddy the Dog and Jesse Hunter of Pain Cylinder for their time.

If you're looking to stay informed as to what's going on in the tech and new gear space we recommend getting yourself over to Elric's Tech of Tomorrow YouTube Channel and subscribe.

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