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‘59 Lustbucker Spirit Series Handmade Guitar Pickups

West Palm Beach, FL - Offering handmade humbucker guitar pickups that deliver vintage tone every blues rock guitarist searches for.

Like everything in our product line up, the ‘59 Lustbucker Spirit Series pickups are handmade using the finest materials, proprietary scatter-wind coil patterns, and tuned/tested against a vast array of vintage amplification and environment playing settings. Whether it be in the garage, basement, studio, club, or’re guaranteed superior tone and heavy-duty performance every time. Years in development, each Lust for Tone Spirit Series Pickup offers:

- Calibrated Alnico rough cast magnets, with enameled #42 magnetic wire - Hardwood maple spacers blocks, with monotone Butyrate Bobbins - German nickel base plates with choice of cover options - Highly responsive to pick dynamics with guitar volume and tone controls - Sweet low-ends with wonderful note bloom, but without the “Boom!” - Superb articulation and touch sensitivity producing clear fat notes across the entire fretboard - Excellent pairing with clean or overdriven tube amplification for refined note definition and sustain - Incredible harmonic overtones that’ll make you weep with absolutely zero harsh frequencies! - All pickups come with a lifetime warranty for the original purchaser

- Complimentary worldwide shipping included

A percentage of every sale is proudly donated to our friends at the AMVETS National Service Foundation, Wounded Warrior Project, and Sweet Relief Musicians Fund.

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