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West Palm Beach, FL - Lust for Tone adds more firepower with the launch of their Atomics Tribute Series handmade pickups. This matched set captures the essence of the American hard rock era. Producing muscular arena rock tone a plenty. If you’re looking to enhance soar...

Anyone suggesting it’s easy establishing a boutique guitar pickup brand in an already very competitive space is full of shit. Since launching or pickups it’s been a wild crazy ride to say the least. Like any business, product discovery is the big issue you need to solv...

Honorable mention for our '59 Lustbucker Tribute Series in Premier Guitar's Gear Radar. 

Been meaning to post this short documentary. It was created by a very talented young gentleman named PJ Rankin. Lucky for him he gets to disclose he's our wee cuz! A sound engineer by trade, but he's also big into his photography in addition to being a very accomplishe...

We've shared previously that we’re a family operation. So for those of you that have any experience with this you'll know only too well that it's all hands on deck. That said we figured we'd roll out the big guns by recruiting the auld fella (A.K.A. Pops) and his rabbl...

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Lance Keltner demo of our Luxe Edition Lustcaster and Envy model guitars

September 18, 2017

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